Saturday, 27 August 2011

Inspirations - Gaye Black

Evil Squirrel 2008
Gaye Black is also known as Gaye Advert, the bass player from the legendary late 70's punk band The Adverts with her trademark dark eye makeup and black leather jacket. Advert was the quintessential punk poster girl of the era and appeared in several editions of the music weekly Sounds, NME and Melody Maker and after a couple of appearances on Top of The Pops she cemented her place as the 1970's punk "It Girl".

Since putting down her bass, Gaye recently returned to her creative roots and is now an exhibiting artist. Turning her hand to a wide variety of artistic mediums in order to express her personal experiences from both reality and dreams. She has also curated an art exhibition which included her own pieces as well as those of other punk musicians, including Adam Ant, Charlie Harper and Jamie Reid.

Her portfolio of art is nothing short of a cornucopia of eclectic pieces which incorporate her own photographs and hair, as well as teeth and bones from the banks of the Thames in wunderkammer style enclosed pieces.

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