Saturday, 10 December 2011

Geoff Heslop

Geoff studied at Newcastle College of Art and has always had an interest in the combination of music and visuals. He has always kept up both music and art, designing many album sleeves and illustrating some books (‘The Mocking Horse’ by Alan Hull).

Geoff is a practicing musician and performs in the band Ribbon Road where he sings and plays guitar, but he is also a record producer with over 100 album credits to his name. Working mainly in the acoustic scene, among the many musicians he has worked with are Bert Jansch, Alan Hull, Rab Noakes, Kathryn Tickell and Dick Gaughan. He also records his own music under the name Mission Shift.
Geoff’s work is usually figurative, with human relationships at its centre, the key to all his production. As well as making sculpture, he has put together a collection of pastel works, based almost exclusively on his interest in people, whether at work or play. His main interest is in providing a point of contact between the viewer and the picture, some collective understanding which, as in music, is in a lot of ways the last stage of the work.

Geoff’s artwork:
Geoff’s music:

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