Saturday, 10 December 2011

Peter McAdam

I guess it all started for me when Punk came out, where anyone who knew three chords could get up and sing songs. I found this to be extremely liberating. In the mid 80’s I joined the Washington Music Collective which was a breeding ground for would be rockstars and disaffected experimentalists, myself being the latter, I formed Dadakopf which was in the spirit of the 1920’s Art movement Dadaism which was close to Punk in the philosophy of performance as a provocative event.

Dadakopf went on to win Surge 89 battle of the bands organised by the legendary Riverside venue held in Sunderland. One radio journalist described us as “miserable, gothic and not even German”.
We split in 90 while I concentrated on my BA Fine Art Degree at Sunderland University. While on my course I had found an old Spaceward Matisse computer no one was using and learnt myself how to use it, this got me into digitising moving image and editing Scratch videos. Over the years I have used the analogy of the ‘palimpsest’ in my audio and visual works to express the layering of memory and experiences.

More recently I have released an iOS application called iCoda which brings together my interest in sound and the moving image. I have been in several bands over the years and most recently enjoying my time in The Monumental Gurus.

So what about the Nine Henry’s? Where do they come in? Absolutely no idea I can only say that they are doodles between-projects.

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