Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kenny Sanger

Kenny Sanger, a local musician who’d misspent his youth playing in bands around the City, took over The Bunker in 2000 with a former band member. Within a year or so the local scene was flourishing, and the new regime began an effort to support and promote the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the musical life of the City. Now 11 years on, 30 years since it originally started, The Bunker is back in the hands of a Community Organisation, with Kenny at the helm, all ready for another 25 years.

The Bunker is an organisation which aims to develop music and arts in the City of Sunderland. As an entity which has acted as a platform for thousands of musicians and artists, many of whom have been catapulted to national and international stages, The Bunker is well recognised as a unique force: a gritty survivor which, against a backdrop of almost constant industrial decline, has provided a creative outlet for youth in Sunderland and contributed significantly to the North East region’s cultural economy.

The artwork is a collection of photographs documenting the history of The Bunker and music in Sunderland over the past 30 years with the addition of a DIY recording booth. It is influenced by the recording booths of the 60's where users could make their own record in just a few minutes.

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